F-Patterns No More: How People View Google & Bing Search Results

How do people view search results? The answer to this questions brings great insight to those trying to make money on search marketing, whether SEO or PPC.

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The Top 7 Legal Documents for Every Startup

Put each of these in place sooner than later to avoid costly legal battles down the road.

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Denver is 3rd-easiest U.S. city for finding a job, says Forbes – Denver Business Journal

Denver’s the third-easiest U.S. city to find a job, according to a new list published by Forbes.

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Rock Candy Funk Party – Groove Is King (CD/DVD)(Released: 2015)

On July 31, funk and jazz band Rock Candy Funk Party (RCFP) will release their sophomore studio album Groove Is King, an aural kaleidoscope that mashes up funk, rock, dance, electronica, jazz and R&B into 14 original tracks and 2 covers full of space, texture, and virtuoso musicianship. Included is a bonus DVD with over 50 minutes of in-studio footage.Powered by a lineup of world-renowned players, the group came together for the sheer fun of making music—and a mutual love of genre-blurring grooves, they are:  album producer Tal Bergman (drums), Joe Bonamassa (guitar), Ron DeJesus (guitar), and Mike Merritt (bass). Groove Is King was recorded at Tal Bergman Studios in Los Angeles, California. Unlike RCFP’s debut album We Want Groove (2013), which tipped its hat to Miles Davis’ classic 1982 live instrumental LP We Want Miles, Groove Is King pulls away from the jazz-funk sounds of the first album into a modern sound, with focused compositions and arrangements and a slick production. “This time around, the concept was less jazz and more modern dance with layered grooves. The rhythm section laid the foundation and then we’d add in strings, synths and an incredible horn section, all while keeping it funky,” says DeJesus.RCFP grew out of Bergman and DeJesus’ 2007 instrumental album Grooove Vol. 1, and subsequent live dates at L.A.’s storied jazz spot The Baked Potato. They encouraged other musicians to jam with them, including Merritt and Neto, who joined the line-up early on. Bonamassa made his RCFP debut in early 2012 during one of his rare breaks from the road when Bergman—who has toured with the guitarist—invited him to sit in on a pair of gigs. Ultimately, the defining influence on Groove Is King’s instrumental soundscape is the interplay between RCFP’s members – which serves as a riveting conversation all its own – and the energy in the studio. TRACK LIST:Introducing the Master of Ceremonies Mr. FunkadamusGroove Is KingLow TideUber StationEast VillageIf Six Was EightCube’s BrickAnd now a word from our fine sponsors with Mr. FunkadamusDon’t Be Stingy With The SMPTEC You On The Flip SideDigging In The DirtDon’t Funk With MeThe 6 Train To The BronxRock CandyMr. Funkadamus thanks all the señors but especially the señoritasThe Fabulous Tales of Two Bands

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Just listened to this – it’s an awesome groove if you like this kind of music. 

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Here’s How Marketing Tech is Different This Holiday Season

Three marketers tell us what new trends and tools they’re seeing in actual use this year, compared to last.
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Content everywhere: connect Scoop.it to your favorite apps with Zapier | Scoop.it Blog

You can connect Scoop.it with hundreds of apps via the Zapier integration, including the ones you use daily. Your content discovery, sharing, leads is taken care of!

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See the run-down here: 


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My Kindle books for businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, freelancers.

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Design Thinking Comes of Age

The approach, once used primarily in product design, is now infusing corporate culture.

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R.I.P. California (1850-2016): What We’ll Lose And Learn From The World’s First Major Water Collapse

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