Why I am blogging now

So, why should I blog?

I want to accomplish these things by setting up and doing a blog:

  1. Help others and learn.
  2. Get online exposure.
  3. Share interesting articles, links, blogs, and stories relevant to my life and career.
  4. A place to put all the articles I have written over the years in one place.
  5. Share nuggets about how a Colorado CFO or Colorado COO/CXO can help your business grow and keep more of your cash.
  6. A way for others to comment on posts, versus just sending an email newsletter.
  7. Show a greater level of expertise to my clients and potential clients
  8. Help business owners get bankable, capital attractive, work on profit improvement, increase sales, financial and management strategies, timely and accurate financial reports. Believe it! All of this stuff combines to make sure businesses keep more of their cash.