Split Pea & Ham Soup

One of my favorite soups growing up in the Midwest was split pea with ham. My dad was a government worker so we didn’t go all out with food. Mostly the Campbell’s soups. Over the years I’ve tried numerous split pea soups beyond the condensed version. There’s some pretty good ones on the shelves these days. But not exactly what I wanted. So as I was shopping for my Bean & Ham soup, I found a bag of dried, green split peas. I thought, Wow! Now’s my chance to experiment and see what I can do with my own hearty, hammy, hot, deliciousness.


What You Need

1 lb. green split peas, dried

1 medium yellow onion – chopped fine

1 cup smoked, diced ham – with some nice size chunks, too.

1 ham hock/ham bone from a smoked ham (our preference is smoked, but not necessary)

4 tbs. butter or Smart Balance

1/2 tsp. sea salt

1/4 tsp. fresh ground pepper

Dollop of Fage Greek yogurt – fat free (our fave) or Swiss Quark.


Check and Rinse

Pick the discolored peas and rock out. Rinse the peas while checking for pebbles, discolored peas, etc. by filling with water the soup pot a couple inches above the peas.


Boil in a Soup Pot

Combine the peas, ham bone, ham, butter and onion in a good size soup pot.

Cover loosely and heat to boiling for 30 minutes.

Stir occasionally.

We prefer the peas to be very smooth and thick, so after 30 minutes, I used a potato masher to smash the peas for a smoother soup. Do that right in the soup pot. Smash for about 5 minutes or to your liking.

Taste test for smoothness. Add the salt and pepper, though you can let the others add their own to taste.

Ladle into your favorite soup bowl. Add your dollup of white, creamy stuff and dip your favorite baguette.

We are impressed. Very simple but wow, it turned out great! You can add a little salt.

You can also serve it ice-cold with chopped green onions on top for a nice, cold salad/soup. If you want to warm it up, you’ll probably need to add a little water – not much.