19 Fiverr Gigs to Help Start Your Startup

Marty Koenig‘s insight:

Mine is the very first one!

See on www.sidehustlenation.com

  • Mike Williams

    I gather I need to read more with FIVERR…what is a gig? A job? Haven’t heard that word in years…

  • Yellow Page

    I would stick to SEOClerks for SEO stuff, the problem with fiverr is that you can’t find the word quality in 5 bucks seo services, but fiverr is a nice site to get a video of a drunk fat guy singing happy birthday to you while impersonating Mickey Mouse lol.

  • marty

    Yes there is a bunch of silly gigs on fiverr but there’s also quite a lot of valuable inexpensive services. A gig is a micro job. Or from the music industry a gig is when a band plays at a venue. Marty.