8 Reasons to Use Pinterest for Marketing

If your business sells products or services online, you need to explore Pinterest as a potential marketing channel. Here are 8 reasons to use Pinterest.

Marty Koenig‘s insight:

32M unique visitors in October. I have found that Pinterest drives traffic. More than Twitter, Reddit, etc. 

I have found that Pinterest has a much longer shelf life.  The “serial blow-by” nature of walls on twitter and facebook and linkedin force you to scroll and look one at a time at a post to see if it’s worth stopping and paying attention. Then WHOOSH! a few seconds later, your post is at the bottom or off the page or down 500 posts. T

Twitter and Facebook are not far from Snapchat, you might as well consider that it’s gone and fast. though twitter poses are searchable for a while. I call it Flash Media. or “Serial Social Blow-By”. 

Pinterest, on the other hand, can show 10 columns across and you can see what interests you much faster. I call that “Parallel Media”. 

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