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Marty Koenig‘s insight:

This is where I get all my domains. Never again will I plug in a domain name on Godaddy scam, just to have them stolen from me from someone on the inside who watches everything you search. Happened to me twice in the last 6 months. 

I searched on godaddy for a couple great domains I thought of for my clients. I emailed them to approve. Several hours later I go back to goaddy to order the domains, and what do you know – godaddy already snarfed them up. Or at leas someone who had access to see the searched. Obviously internal to godaddy. Once, I can maybe write off that someone thought of the exact same thing I did during the same hour on the same day. Maybe once. But certainly not twiced. 

Anyway, is where I get my domain names for me and for my clients. Always. 

Marty Koenig

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  • OA

    I just had the same experience today.

    I put in 10 domains on the bulk search, it take 500 domains by the way, one domain was a .net, another was a .org domain and the rest were .co domains. The .net domain kept disappearing, for at least 5 times, it was in the middle of all the other domains, so I deleted all domains that were available, and went did a single domain search for that .net domain. Guess what, they gave me a screen saying, do you still want to buy this? I know that the domain is available so I quickly went and snapped it.

  • SAlly

    I have several times found an expired domain and found ti available on GD. Then I hesitate and close the GD page for as little as one minute then check the domain again – GONE!!! There is something EXTREMELY fishy about GD and I trust them NOT AT ALL.

  • Scott

    GoDaddy reps post quotes from CEO about how bad domain kiting is and how they don’t do it. Those were all from years ago – they certainly help to screw their customers today.

    Yesterday, I searched a domain and it was open – less than two hours later it was snapped up by DigX in Las Vegas and registered through GoDaddy and put on auction. I have dozens of domains through GD but will start moving them as they expire. This is corrupt and should be illegal – just as Bill Parsons claimed years ago.

    I no longer trust Go Daddy with my business or information. They will stab you in the back – and probably make money off of your blood.

  • Arthur Coldwells

    This is true. The domain we searched for–and were told was available–was then not available 24 hours later. When we did a WHOIS search the domain was created in 2005, expired Jan 2015 but magically has an ‘Updated Date’ a couple days ago when we searched for it. We are now being encouraged by GoDaddy to bid on it (for $69.99 fee) and would likely pay “between $250 and $2,500” for it. This HAS to be fraud, surely?