Fiverr not just $5 anymore, now powering the ‘gig economy’ for up to $500

Fiverr “reinvented” itself today, keeping the five but adding two zeroes behind it as the everything-for-five-dollars marketplace goes upscale, seeking to power the emerging “gig economy.”

Marty Koenig‘s insight:

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  • Andrew

    Fiverr’s new look is cool but it decreases my sale. I am using Fiverr for a while but it is really hard to make sales there so I think I willbe going to try the new one that everybody is talking about.. SEOClerks

  • Marty Koenig

    Andrew, Sales are hard in any venue. SEOClerks or the host of other fiverr wannabe’s won’t increase your sales. Diligence with your marketing will help. It’s not a “post it and they will bring cash”, it’s “work hard at it and they may come to you after a while. Post your fiverr gig and I’ll give you some tips. I’m a Top Rated Seller and Fiverr Super Seller.