How does a company prove digital media’s effectiveness?

My client’s objective was to design and take advantage of new technologies and trends to develop a new approach to accurately measure media effectiveness.

…There are four stages to follow. Initiation, Integration, Intelligence, and Value Creation.

Every action my client takes – from answering the phone at the front desk to the most complex product installation – makes a statement about how that company values customers. These moments in time are when a brand comes to life, when promises made are either kept or broken. Jan Carlzon, former President of Scandinavian Airline Services called these instances “moments of truth”. He defined them as “any time a customer comes into contact with any aspect of your business, however remote, the customer has an opportunity to form an impression.

”Moments of truth, when repeatedly resulting in positive outcomes and experiences, lead to customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is a state of being that is defined by behaviors and experiences on BOTH sides of the relationship – vendor and customer – that lead to a state of value creation for both parties. Loyalty can’t be measured by repeating business alone…

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