How to build a business for $100 using @fiverr

Marty Koenig‘s insight:

A client asked me something weird and interesting today. He accepted a challenge to startup a business with just $100, but the rule is he must spend it on fiverr gigs. He has no idea on the product or service. He asked for my help. Here was my answer:

Realistically, for $100 using fiverr gigs, you can do quite a bit. 

Still that’s not a lot of money, so consider a business creating/selling content/information products. 

Take the coolest articles you wrote on your blog, pull them together in a Kindle book, pay for someone to help with the title and introduction ( like me), buy an editor on fiverr (not me), setup a landing page and give away a free download or ebook (find a good PLR or series of PLRs on fiverr), spend $10 – 20 on a nice cover, then spend the rest on fivver gigs to tweet and post your landing page (with opt-in email) and your Amazon Author Page, and the Amazon book itself – include US, UK, and Israel and other country Amazon links in your various twitter promotions to FB, pinterest, etc.

Make sure you get some reviews of your book on Amazon. Make sure to enroll your book in the KDP program, and set the price at $4.99, then after you get 5 reviews, put it on the 5-day free promotional program. 3-4 days before you put it on the free promotion, line up some fiverr gigs to tweet and post and RT, and various Kindle/Amazon PR gigs – spend the rest of your money to get your book ranked #1 in your category. People will download a #1 book a ton.Once it goes off the free promo, keep your social media marketing going strong, and don’t forget to find LinkedIn groups that you can have conversations on your topic of interest (ane more importantly, THEIRS).

I’ll update this post and let folks know how this goes if he chooses my suggestion.  

There is a ton of help entrepreneurs can get from fiverr sellers. In fact, I just actually did all of the above over the last couple weeks for a couple books I launched. It’s not theory, it absolutely works.

See the offers I’ve developed on fiverr. Some of my “gigs” help entreprneurs tell their story, extract their key marketing messages so they can attracth and build their tribe of loyal, raving fans. Oter gigs help them start and grow their business.  Check them out today! You can’t go wrong for five bucks.