Colorado’s new $62 million fund for entrepreneurial ventures

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Colorado Business Magazine is Denver, Colorado’s source for finance, hospitality, businesses, sales, marketing, leadership, management, career and economic news


Zappos just abolished bosses. Inside tech’s latest management craze.

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The shoe retailing giant Zappos is in the process of adopting holacracy, a management philosophy that replaces conventional hierarchy with governance by committees.


How to Make a Bio-Sand Water Filter (Urdu)

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Construction of Bio-Sand Water Filter in Urdu Team from Pakistan science Club design and build a bio-sand water filter from PVC pipe for purification…


10 startup sweetspots investors dug most last quarter, according to Gust

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Early stage investment platform Gust put together this infographic filtered by company stage, industry sector, and geographic location in the United States and internationally, of startup trends in the second quarter 2014.


How to develop the one leadership trait that trumps them all – Denver Business Journal

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It’s a trait we rarely think about in a business setting, but Stacey Epstein argues that it’s actually the most important leadership trait you can have.


What kind of leader are you?

Kreisel Sound Quattro Series 7.2 – Loudspeakers

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Uh huh.


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SWANN SW-361-RMC Key Fob Stealth Camera And DVR (SW361RMC)


This is cool

Report – VC funding hits dot com levels in Q2

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CB Insights data on VC, emerging industries and startups. An analytical view on everything from unicorns to acqui-hires. And of course, lots of talk about a tech bubble.


Mean Green: Wasabi Root | SAVEUR

Posted by on July 10, 2014 at 12:31 am

From SAVEUR Issue #166
Looking down at the spicy paste that came with my sushi takeout, I marvel that I spent most of my life thinking this mixture of horseradish and green food coloring was wasabi. I only recently had my first taste of the real thing—a zesty perennial called Wasabia japonica rarely grown outside of Japan—at Markus Mead and Jennifer Bloeser’s Oregon coast farm.


Why whale poo could be the secret to reversing the effects of climate change

Posted by on July 9, 2014 at 6:43 pm

Philip Hoare: I have been at the wrong end of a defecating sperm whale: it smells, it’s nutrient rich, and could just save the world