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Marty Koenig, M.A., PMP

Your Colorado CMO and CXO plus Internet Marketing, Crowdfunding and eCommerce

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Marty’s passion is helping startups and entrepreneurs who are struggling with the growth of their company, so they can build the business of their dreams, make more money, and spend more time with their friends and family. He is very active on FIVERR and is a Top Rated Seller and fiverr’s 2nd ever Super Seller, proving his personal success as an internet marketer. He shares his success by helping other entrepreneurs do what he has done.

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He is an author and co-author of a number of books:


Here is his author page: http://www.amazon.com/Marty-Koenig/e/B00ACUU5SK/

Marty Koenig is with CxO To Go, a company dedicated to building online marketing, financial, operational, strategic and technological excellence for small/mid size business owners.  Marty has over 25 years of diversified experience from private and public companies ranging in size from startups to mid-size firms to multinational Fortune 30 companies including Kaiser Permanente, First Data, AT&T, General Electric, NCR Corporation and StorageTek. With former board of directors, vice president and director roles he has worked in the industries of banking, retail, services, consumer goods, food, telecommunications, non-profits, manufacturing, high-tech, healthcare and professional services which give his clients a wide range of experience he applies to any industry. Marty works with the business owner to create goal clarity. He understands the overall goals that his clients want to achieve. He then works with the business owner to create clarity and direction in order to achieve those goals.

Prior to starting CxO To Go in 2009, Marty was partner at a national firm for three years. Before that Marty led a $150M national practice at a Fortune 50 firm hiring new management teams in nine regions and 384 employees. He was responsible for all internal financial planning and operations, sales, human resources, product development and go to market strategies. What this means to his clients is that he has built organizations from the ground up working with companies that want to scale their operation and those that have scaled it.

Marty has managed during periods of rapid growth and through significant downturns. He has directed expansions and contractions of personnel, information systems, physical locations and working capital, enabling companies to meet the challenges facing them. While serving on the board of directors and CFO/COO at three start-up firms, he contributed to direction-setting management sessions, built business and marketing plans, and performed product development culminating in the launch of new products and services nationally and globally.

Marty works with his clients to provide insight on:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdfunding campaigns using his PPLETM Method
  • Reviewing and writing investor pitches, sales presentations, email campaigns, business letters
  • Content and Information Products Development and Marketing
  • Internet Systems and Marketing Automation – email marketing, campaigns, product/service launches
  • Budgeting for a business or project
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Tactical Marketing Planning and Implementation
  • Writing eBooks, curation, and information products creation and marketing.

He has been the CFO and CMO for dozens of small companies to help the figure out how business decisions impact profitability and cash flow, and helps develop and implement plans for profitable growth. He helps them become capital attractive so they have the right financial strategies and can get the money they need to take their business to the next level and ultimately exit their business. Marty’s expertise includes budget management, strategic planning, new product launches, business process improvement, debt restructuring, startup funding, operations management, financial predictions, contract negotiations and project management, and improving banking relations. This experience allows him to understand the small and mid-sized business, quickly identify areas where challenges and opportunities exist, to design and implement a comprehensive and practical plan for business owners to achieve their goals.

His integrated approach treats leadership, management and technology as highly coupled entities to solve company problems of any size and scope. Marty is generally involved in helping the company and owner with planning and executing strategies for financial improvement and business results. He loves to educate and coach. He works well at any level in the organization, respecting each member for their contribution to the organization.

Marty earned Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Management from Antioch University McGregor in Yellow Springs, OH. He has an engineering degree from ETI Technical College. He volunteers as an advisor for Colorado CTEK Venture Center helping entrepreneurs build profitable, sustainable businesses. He is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) from the Project Management Institute. He is a Certified Microsoft Professional Accountants Network advisor and was Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Marty serves on several boards of advisors for startups and volunteers on the board of a nonprofit firm. He was a chair of the Colorado Financial Executive Networking Group (COFENG) for six years He was nominated and a finalist for Denver Business Journal’s 2011 CFO of the Year.

303.995.4523 or mkoenig at cxotogo dot com

“I help business owners who are struggling with their company’s growth, so they can build the company of their dreams. One that makes them a lot of money, and gives them more time with their family and friends.” – Marty Koenig

For my private clients, I work in roles as their CMO/CFO/CXO for hire, part-time Chief Marketing Officer, CFO, part-time COO, and work on sales, marketing, operations, finance and technology. For business owners who can’t afford a full-time CMO/CFO/CxO with vast experience, but can benefit from having someone with 20+ years experience in financial, operational, sales, marketing, and process improvement disciplines. I’m your Colorado CFO / CMO / CXO.   I was also a 2011 “CFO of the Year” nominee.


I started out in technical fields, and was a bit of a geek. I’m still a geek in marketing and tech and gadgets. I was the general manager of a multimillion dollar business unit at age 25 and realized there was a lot more to business than just engineering and tech. It was like I walked into a dark room and someone turned on the light (I get that saying a lot from my clients when I’m able to help them). I was intrigued that all the moving parts had to operate synchronously in order for my business to make money. There I was mentored by some smart people and learned how to keep score at a young age, and learned how to do data-driven decision making by pushing the company toward better, more accurate and timely financials. A few years later I went back to school for management degrees. For five years I was a columnist for an international trade magazine. I was a highly sought after speaker and taught university MBA students. Beyond and not-so-unrelated these days to the work of a strategic and tactical Senior Executive Colorado CFO in 2008, I’m getting more active in Blogging and interested in helping my business owner clients gain online visibility, get more leads, make more money and keep more of their money.

Other stuff:

On the Management Advisory boards for several nonprofits and businesses.

Certified PMP (Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute)

Scrum Master Accredited Certification

Six Sigma Champion Certification

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Certified Advisor Microsoft Professional Accounting Network


  • Master of Arts Degree in Management – Antioch University McGregor School of Management, Yellow Springs, Ohio
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management – Antioch University McGregor School of Management, Yellow Springs, Ohio
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Electical Engineering* – Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio (*2 classes remaining)
  • Associate in Science Degree in Electronic Engineering – ETI Technical College (now Bryant & Stratton College), Cleveland, Ohio
  • The Dale Carnegie Course – Graduate
  • Integrity Selling for the 21st Century Course by Ron Willingham

Marty Koenig, M.A., PMP, B.A., A.S.E.E.T. 

~ Search me on Google  http://bit.ly/GoogleMartyKoenig

~ Fiverr’s 2nd Super Seller! BizGrowthCoach for crowdfunding, startup, internet biz growth and marketing

~ COBIZ Magazine published writer
~ Nominated Finalist for Denver Business Journal 2011 CFO of the Year
~ See my biz book with my partner Keith McAslan. Download free chapters here: http://bit.ly/i1vcf7 and see our other books here:  www.buchananpublishing.com






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