Ironic, funny and sad.

Ironic, funny and sad.

I think it’s ironic, a bit funny, and a lot sad. Everyone and their brother and their cousin is trying to sell “how to make money online” or “make a living working from home”.

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It’s funny that people buy and buy and buy this stuff. They have an insatiable appetite for more and more information. They subscribe to all the gurus and non-gurus, and spend 20 bucks here, a hundred bucks there, and even 900 dollars here and there. Yet these wannabe internet marketers have never made a single dollar selling anything online. They are the ones who wish it would happen for them. They watch other make money and wonder what happened. They are not the ones who took action. The executers. The do-ers.


One of the mantras of entrepreneurship is “DO SOMETHING”. It’ not “read this, buy that, study this, go to this webinar, that meetup…” It’s simply DO IT.


In other words, learn by doing. Yes you can learn from the mistakes of the people who made them. But that’s all theory. The only way for YOU to be successful online is to make your own mistakes, learn from them, and try something different.


Most of the products out there today are crap and not worth the pixels they are printed on. They teach tips, nuggets and pointers. They are skimmers and give you just enough to want you to buy the next higher priced thing. Upsell, upsell, upsell. That’s the name of the game in information product marketing. Spend $7, then get sold on the $20 enhancement, then the $47 super bonus.


Most online money making schemes and products aren’t full-fledged, MBA-style, professionally vetted learning experiences that you can actually execute to make money online. They require you to have an engineering degree and a Master’s degree in business.


Lately I’ve had dozens of wannabe online marketers contact me from India, Pakistan, Australia, UK, US, Indonesia, Thailand, Sweden, Canada, Brazil, and Zimbabwe. They started a website to sell “how to make money online” products and methods. They aren’t selling anything, and want my help. That’s funny.


It’s ironic – and part of the problem. Most online marketers have never sold anything online. They sell other people’s products in hopes of getting a check. They slap them up on a 10 minute website and wonder why nobody is sending them money. The play the craiglist game – “Post and Hope”.


My first question to these people is, “Have you ever read and studied the materials you are selling?” Most will say yes, but I know that’s not true.


It’s sad that they expect people to pay them without DOING THE WORK. They have all these tips, courses, videos, books sitting on their desktop and have never taken enough action to put them to use for themselves.


They are what I call the “skimmer entrepreneurs” who believe they can make a living by spending a little effort as possible, skimming along the surface of the water, getting the tip of their toe wet when the occasional wave pops up, then skimming along their merry way. And expecting great results.


The point of this article is to set expectations of the wannabe entrepreneur or internet marketer. I am successful at it. It’s hard work and takes dedication and persistence. Along the way I documented some of my journey in the form of professionally produced information products that other entrepreneurs actually execute and are successful doing so. Click here to see what I mean: http://bit.ly/1il8A3S

Marty Koenig, Fiverr’s 2nd Ever SUPER SELLER. Doing business in 108 countries.

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