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The Definitive Whole Picture Year End Small Biz Checklist

Published on December 20, 2011 By Marty Koenig

There are so many year-end business checklists going around. I’ve read them all, and it irks me that they all miss something huge. Most of them seem to be written by a CPA firm, which is great if you only want a tax-related checklist. The advice in those checklists doesn’t take into consideration what strategy […]

Cash Flow is Not Important

Published on January 10, 2009 By Marty Koenig

Cash is the “life blood” that keeps a business operating. Cash flow analysis is not rocket science (well some of it is), but most of the time I find that businesses just don’t spend the time to deal with this. If cash drys up, the business fails. OK, you know that.


Published on December 12, 2008 By Marty Koenig

In order for an early stage or emerging company to raise money, it must provide investors with a set of financial projections. Typically, companies will pull together a top-down P&L projection going out for three to five years. This is wholly inadequate. Find out why.


Published on October 23, 2008 By Marty Koenig

Investors don’t read your business plan. They look at the executive summary. It they like what they see they flip back to the financials. Why waste their time with more than they need? Give them an polished package containing just what they need, not what you want to give them. Awesome Executive Summaries and Financial Projections by Marty Koenig, your Colorado CFO.