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The Definitive Whole Picture Year End Small Biz Checklist

Published on December 20, 2011 By Marty Koenig

There are so many year-end business checklists going around. I’ve read them all, and it irks me that they all miss something huge. Most of them seem to be written by a CPA firm, which is great if you only want a tax-related checklist. The advice in those checklists doesn’t take into consideration what strategy […]

The Best Way to Grow Your Business

Published on October 7, 2008 By Marty Koenig

Although every business wants to grow, some types of growth are certainly better than others. Consider the following 2 options:

What Keeps you Awake at Night?

Published on October 1, 2008 By Marty Koenig

Starting out, the new business was stressful, but fun. There was not enough money or time, but things seemed to get done. Most of the time was spent taking care of the customers. There was a lot of satisfaction knowing that we could not only find customers but we could also do a better job […]

10 Ways to Manage a Rapidly Growing Business

Published on September 12, 2008 By Marty Koenig

While some new business owners face the issue of not enough customers, others face the issue of too many customers/clients. Both are serious issues and must be dealt with carefully. There are many lists helping to find new customers/clients.