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Top 12 Ways Business Owners Can Get “The Big Check”

Published on July 1, 2011 By Marty Koenig

First, I want to differentiate an “entrepreneur” from a business owner. The difference is fundamentally a mind set. An entrepreneur is super driven to create the future. They see or experience a problem, put together the team and funding, and execute on their vision of a future industry, and leverage their market-changing innovation. Their companies […]

6 Steps to Selling Your Business

Published on December 1, 2008 By Marty Koenig

If you’re a typical small business owner, you spend more of your time working on today’s issues than tomorrow’s potential. That may keep the doors open for now, but what about when you’re ready to retire, or no longer have the will or energy to run your business?

Nice $105M deal

Published on August 1, 2008 By Marty Koenig

British Telecom buys Ribbit in a nice exit.