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Published on December 12, 2008 By Marty Koenig

In order for an early stage or emerging company to raise money, it must provide investors with a set of financial projections. Typically, companies will pull together a top-down P&L projection going out for three to five years. This is wholly inadequate. Find out why.


Published on October 23, 2008 By Marty Koenig

Investors don’t read your business plan. They look at the executive summary. It they like what they see they flip back to the financials. Why waste their time with more than they need? Give them an polished package containing just what they need, not what you want to give them. Awesome Executive Summaries and Financial Projections by Marty Koenig, your Colorado CFO.

Are You Pleased with Your Sales Force?

Published on October 17, 2008 By Marty Koenig

My greatest skills reside in business strategy and planning, execution, business analytics, daily/weekly/monthly management reporting, and financial modeling. Yet, I’ve spent my fair share of time this year helping my clients evaluate, motivate, and coach their sales forces. It’s about the people. During some of this work, I’ve noticed a trend across some of these […]